Japanese imports are real value for money - but not if they've been stolen or clocked. You can dramatically reduce the chance of buying a dodgy vehicle if you carry out background checks. BIMTA, in partnership with the AA (NZ), offers unique money back guarantees with checks on imports from just £49 plus VAT.

Checks are available to the general public as well as BIMTA members. Prices listed below are for non-members. Reduced rates apply for BIMTA members.  Terms and Conditions apply and can be found under the "Terms & Conditions" tab on the left-hand menu.   Proceeding with an application will confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.  Please allow between 3 and 5 working days for mileage checks and up to seven working days for full vehicle checks to be processed.     Click below for peace of mind..

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Mileage Check (£49+VAT) :
  •  Verifies the mileage/odometer reading is correct and that your vehicle hasn't been clocked which could knock thousands of pounds off its value.  

Full Vehicle Check (£70+VAT) :
  • Confirms your vehicle is not stolen
  • Checks there's no outstanding finance
  • Verifies the mileage reading is correct

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