Order your Japanese vehicle check online with BIMTA.

“We are so confident in our product that if one of our checks turns out to be incorrect, we offer a money back guarantee on your vehicle to its market value at the time.”

BIMTA solely represents individual imports of vehicles into the UK and our mission is to keep consumers safe when purchasing grey imports from countries like Japan.

We have trusted BIMTA to verify our vehicles for many years. Each time the checks have come through promptly and they add more value to our sales. As a dealer that specialises in imported vehicles, it's nice to have the assurance!

Tim Charlesworth

Our business imports cars to the UK on a frequent basis - sometimes we source cars from Japan. It's good to know that the odometer reading is actually correct.

Howard Lister

It is very reassuring to have a verified mileage check come back for the cards we import. What's more, I can do it with peace of mind of the money back guarantee to the market value of my car.

Neil Howe

What are the benefits of ordering a BIMTA vehicle check?

We are here to ensure you don't buy a 'dodgy' vehicle, whether that's a fake odometer reading or a hidden history the seller didn't disclose.

Recognised for our achievements

We are the only association recognised by the DVLA, HMRC and Trading Standards.

A wealth of experience

We are import experts by trade, making us proud to offer our expertise to consumers and trader alike.

Preventing fraudulent sales

We carry out thousands of successful checks each year, assuring that potentially fraudulent sales are prevented.

Protecting consumers

Over 20 years of protecting consumers from misadvertised offshore vehicle sales.

No stone left unturned

Our extensive vehicle checks are renowned for uncovering information that would have been detrimental to the value of the car.

Ensuring resale

With a simple check you can tell if the sale is genuine, which avoids issues upon importation if you do want to sell.

Our vehicle checks

We offer two types of vehicle checks:- A basic odometer check,or a more extensive full check if you want to be certain as to the authenticity of the vehicle. Please note, we aim to process all new orders within 1-2 working days for mileage checks, and 2-3 working days for full vehicle checks.

Mileage Check

Verifies the mileage/odometer reading is correct and that your vehicle hasn’t been clocked.


Full Check

Verifies the mileage (odometer reading) is correct and that your vehicle hasn’t been reported stolen, written off or subject of outstanding finance prior to export from Japan.



What type of vehicle check do you require?

Choose from either the basic mileage check or the full vehicle check depending on your requirements. We would almost always recommend going for a full check to ensure the car has no outstanding finance and isn't stolen.

Let us know the details of the vehicle

Before we get started, we need all of the details regarding the car. This ensures an accurate investigation into the origins and history of the vehicle in question.

Vehicle Checks

We take all of your information and contact the relevant parties to verify the history of the vehicle. Within a few days we'll be able to tell you exactly what you need to know to ensure peace of mind.

Industry recognised certificate

You'll receive a BIMTA Mileage Certificate to verify the odometer reading or a BIMTA Certificate of Authenticity if you requested a full vehicle check.

We care about the motoring industry, and consumers.

The British Independent Motor Trade Association (BIMTA) is the only official UK trade body established solely to represent the independent vehicle import industry. Our Members bring thousands of vehicles across each year from Japan.

We famously led the campaign to equalise car prices between the UK and mainland Europe, and have been instrumental in working for Government legislation and regulation designed to protect the consumer from unscrupulous vehicle dealers.

Our services for vehicle buyers (both trade and private) include exhaustive checks on newly imported vehicles – which are backed up by a money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind when buying an import.